"Our condolences to the John Parham Family, John passed away 20 April 2017.

John sponsored this 43rd TCB Anniversary, he will be missed."
..... Bronson's Garage
"In Memoriam to John Parham 1955 - 2017, Founder of J&P Cycles, Chairman of the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa.

John is pictured below with Rich, Charter member of Bronson's Garage.

Bill's bike on display for one year!

And The Official 2012

43rd TCB Anniversary

Left to right: David , Peter , Don , Greg , Mark , Rich , Tom , Billy , Bill .

Many thanks to the Museum and J & P Cycles for hosting the Reunion: June 1, 2 & 3, 2012

Peter from New Hampshire, wins first prize for best Bronson Bike replica, Greg from Pennsylvania, is runner up, "it really is a toss up".

John Parham founder of J & P Cycles and the Museum, stands alongside Rich attending from Pennsylvania.

Downtown Anamosa, Iowa. Main Street U.S.A.

Don motored in from Texas.

Billy renews old friendships with Lori and her Mother Gloria, both are active riders and charter members of the Motor Maids, Inc.

David and Peggy arrived from Virginia. Dig those crazy colored 21st Century Bronson helmets.

Rich has custom art work on his saddlebags. "I don't shuck and I don't jive. Don't touch my hog." - Episode 12 - A Long Trip to Yesterday

After the reunion, Tom kick over the start of a 10,000 mile sojourn to the town of Dead Horse at Prudhoe Bay Alaska and back in 28 days.

Tom from Arkansas and Jim from South Carolina enjoy the beautiful Iowa sunshine which graced the reunion for the entire weekend.

Jim heads out to ride that long lonesome highway on his red Bronson bike BMW.

Peggy tells Greg, to work harder on his Bronson Bike replica and maybe next year he will win first prize!

Billy and Bill, talk with Bronson fans during the J & P Cycles weekend. Bill's Bronson Bike is on display in the museum for one year.

In memory of Birney Jarvis

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