American Iron Magazine March 2016

As we drove away from the "Bronson" reunion in June 2012 we were awestruck by the overwhelming enthusiasm that this fine group of people had for everything that was related to the television series, from memorabilia to video copies of the series and even exact replicas of the motorcycle that was used.  They displayed it all!  They spend much of their time teaching others about the message that the series tried to convey to young people back in the day.  I became more and more enthusiastic and in order to cement my connection with my new friends I decided to build an exact replica of the "Bronson" Sportster.

I soon discovered that although it is very possible to build the bike by myself it would be almost impossible to do without the specific knowledge that my new friends especially Peter and Billy had to offer.  Also it was imperative that I would have to follow the guidelines that Boot’s had outlined in

Restorations can be a lot of fun and a challenge but when you add period correct modifications and customizing to the mix, things can get a little more challenging to say the least!  The first thing that you need is the bike.  A 1968/69 or 1970 XLH Sportster that is as stock as possible. Ironically because I could not find one available at the time I had to start by buying hard to find parts that I would need.  I started by buying the exhaust system and chain guard.  Almost a year later I returned to a seller that Boot’s directed me to a year before and bought his bike that was located in Lincoln, Nebraska.