Last night I watched a few episodes of the Twilight Zone on the SyFy channel, I moved ahead to check the schedule to see if there were any old actors I would be interested in seeing... sure enough, at 11 PM Lois Nettleton was appearing in an episode. I watch her performance which was excellent...

Here is the catcher -- In the program her neighbor's name (the lady seen in the picture with Lois) was "Mrs. Bronson." I kid you not! I rewound a couple of times just to make sure I heard it right. The Nettleton character also repeated the neighbor's name twice more in the program-- "Mrs. Bronson."

How WEIRD is that?!

I am sure she must have recollected this odd coincidence 8 years later when she co-stared on a program with Michael Parks entitled-- "Then Came Bronson"

in Episode 11 “All the World and God”

What a cool coincidence, huh??

Story and photos courtesy of Kim, Bronson Brother