My name is Kim Leonard that is me in 1970 trying to look like Jim Bronson on my brother�s bicycle with my Dad's army duffel bags tied on the front and rear.  I was 17 years old then, living in Maine.

I wanted a motorcycle, but the weather that far north did not present a long riding season so I had to settle for a car.  I wore my watch cap for three of the four years I was living in Maine.  So it is safe to say that Then Came Bronson captured me at and early age.

     This is me today living in the South, I have since retired from the U.S. Navy as a Baptist Chaplain.

I work with the local colleges teaching and the many local church organization in the area.  I still like to wear a watch cap, and now have both a motorcycle and a car, and decent riding weather.

     I am proud to be part of TCB and this website.  The webmaster of asked me to write my observations on how TCB fits into our lives in relation to our spiritual well being and the lessons of the Bible.  As time passes they will be posted in the Chaplain�s Corner on the home page.  I can be reached through the webmaster.

Until then you hang in there!

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