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Day 1

Sunday, October 28, 2012: Hello Family and friends!

First day of the trip went off with out a hitch. The temps were in the 40's, hit in the low 50's and then stayed in the low 40's for rest of the day. Left out a 8:30 AM for Vicksburg, MS. on purpose to meet up with my fellow Honda retiree Bill H., 241 miles from my apartment to Cracker Barrel on one tank of gas! That is a new record! Poor Bill with his Honda Goldwing Trike was getting about 140 miles to a tank! So we stopped more often to not only fill our tanks, but at our age to empty our tanks!

First stop was at the newest Mississippi bridge for a photo opportunity. And then the parking lot of the Cracker Barrel. We rode on to Lucedale, MS. and stayed at the Holiday Inn. Ate dinner at Bumpers, a Sonic drive in clone. Bill rode 515 miles today to my 488. Tomorrow we ride on to Bay Minette, AL to see a dear friend, Joyce, then head south to Florida and points unknown!

Later on and farther down the road!

Tom and Bill

Day 2

Woke up to a beautiful clear blue sky in the low 40's and headed for Bay Minette, AL. to see Joyce, she is the widow of the real Then Came Bronson, Birney Jarvis! Yesterday I accidentally gave her the impression I was going to come see her last night at 9:30 instead of this morning. She called me last night wondering where I was. I felt bad for the miss communication. I arrived at 9:10 AM and hung out for about a hour. She and her sister had important things to do and needed to head out to Gulf Port, I think she had a hot date with a slot machine!

Headed south on Hwy 59 and then west on I-10 just past Pensacola where we stopped at a rest stop and took a picture of a Navy jet flying very low. We were fighting the wind for most of the day, note the flags blowing like crazy! Then we turned south on Hwy 19/27 and stopped for the night in Perry, Fl. Tomorrow we are going to Ocala to see Don Garlits drag race museum and then head south to where ever we end up.

Later on and farther down the road. Tom

Day 3

Another blue sky cool day as we headed south from Perry, Fl. over to Ocala to see Don Garlits drag race museum. On the way there we came across a boat that I really wanted! I am not in to boats but this was a heck of a deal! I tried to talk Bill in to hooking the boat trailer to his Goldwing Trike and take it back with us, He was not amused. We then took an 18 mile detour to see Bronson, Fl. The only thing of note worthy was a race track.

Arrived at Ocala for lunch and then spent a good bit of time in the museum and could have stayed all day to take it all in. If any of you are drag race fans, I highly recommend stopping by and check out all the drag race history and innovations. Late in the afternoon we headed south on I-75 and are staying in Venice, Fl. Had some great seafood at Captain Eddies. Tomorrow heading out to some where in the Florida Keys!

Later on and farther down the road. Tom

Day 4 & 5

Tuesday Oct. 30th was another clear blue perfect weather day as we headed south on I-75 from Venice and instead of going I-75 all the way we took the scenic route on Hwy 41 across the Everglades and then Hwy 1 down through the keys. I took a pic of the giant lobster and at the request of my daughter I took a picture of one of the more humorous Keys. We made it to Key West around 5:30 PM and had a nice room on the Atlantic side of the ocean. Had a great dinner at an Italian restaurant walking distance away.

This morning we packed up and drove around the island and spent some time in the tourist part that reminded us both of Bourbon St. in New Orleans. Lots of shopping, bars and restaurants. Bought a couple of T-shirts for my girls. We decided we had enough and headed north on Hwy 1 and hooked up with the toll road and I-75 north (Alligator Alley). Key West could be renamed "Scooter City, Fl."!! Lots of scooters everywhere! Halloween night we are in Fort Myers, Fl. Riding the interstate is not fun, but faster.

Later on and farther down the road. Tom

Day 6

We left Fort Myers, Fl and headed north on I-75, took a left on I-10 over to Marianna, Fl for a total of 446 miles for the day. We encountered one real jerk in a Cadillac that gave us both some problems, but we survived with our blood pressures in tact. No pictures were taken today, nothing note worthy to share. See updated map link above.

Later on and farther down the road. Tom

Day 7

Well, another boring day on the interstate from Marianne, Fl. to Vicksburg, Ms. We rode through downtown Mobile, because my Navi said so, it was not so bad at 11 AM. No pictures today either but a safe warm ride in the 80's with clear blue skies! Should be back home around lunch time on Saturday, just in time to do laundry!

Later on and farther down the road. Tom

Day 8 & Home

This was the first day we did not wake up to a beautiful blue sky! Instead I thought I was in London the fog was so thick. We had the free breakfast at the Fairfield Inn in Vicksburg and headed west on I-20 for ten miles to Tallulah, LA. were we topped off our tanks and said our goodbyes. It was great to have Bill along to ride with and share the experience. Since we were both riding Honda's we never worried about the bikes and had a great trip! Bill continued west on I-20 back to his retirement home in Athens, TX.

I rode north on Hwy 65 and decided to stop in Transylvania, LA. and finely take a picture of the water tower. I have traveled this road hundreds of times making my loops around my old district calling on Honda dealers, but never stopped to take a picture. Is this like stopping to smell the roses? Made it back to my lonely apartment around 12:30 PM after stopping at Arby's for a sandwich. Now it is time to unpack and do laundry. Back to the real world again.

Thanks for reading and until the next trip..."Going down that long lonesome highway"