Monica Balin (Character)

Monica was born and raised in Wyoming on a ranch that her father worked; she was a strong minded filly. In her junior year of high school she became pregnant with Lori, from her long time boy friend Buck Anderson. Buck was two years older and married Monica to keep from being drafted into the Army.

Monica's father gave her 100 acres of land so Buck could build a dude ranch. Three years later Monica's father died and the guidance which was always there for Buck and her was gone. The ranch her father owned was taken by the bank. Buck started drinking, gambling and borrowing money. Late one night on his way home from town, where he had been at the bar drinking with his girlfriend, Buck was in and auto accident on the highway, he died two days later. The task of running the dude ranch was now Monica's and Lori's future.

Lori Balin (Character)

Lori Balin had a big crush on Jim that October of 1969, if fact so did her mother. Lori got over her fascination with Jim, and went on the marry Tommy Harris of Jackson Hole Wyoming. Tommy went to college and so did Lori, they were married after graduation. Tommy became Mayor of Cheyenne Wyoming, and then a U.S. Congressman. Lori worked with the Wyoming Bureau of Tourism for many years, the raised two sons. One became a rodeo champion and the youngest son became the owner of a large feed and grain store in Jackson Hole.

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