23-26 July 2009

Volume 7-9

Dateline: Morgantown, West Virginia West Virginia State Governor sends letter of appreciation.

Bronson's Garage meets at MountainFest and spent four days to celebrate the Official 40th "over the hill" TCB Anniversary. Our good friend Ernie Copper wrote a wonderful article for Thunderpress newspaper, read it here.

We wish to thank MountainFest for sponsoring the TCB 40th Anniversary celebration, their assistance to provide backdrops for the dioramas below was great along with news media coverage.

Birney Jarvis (center) is the real Jim Bronson, a segment of his life was the basis for TCB, he and his wife Joyce (left) talked and signed autographs with hundreds of TCB fans during the four day event.

Mike�s bike is headed north coming off the Bixby Creek Bridge in California, famous from the opening scenes of the TV series. Note the rear    fender is not cropped as the other bikes on display.

Tom�s bike is headed south along highway 191, which is the long lonesome highway running parallel to the Grand Tetons north of Jackson, Wyoming. Another scene famous from the closing credits in each show.

Bill�s bike is on location filming the next show; note the director�s chairs for Bonnie Bedelia and Michael Parks. The movie camera was hand made by Billy from a photo. Ok, �quiet on the set, take one!�.

�Eggs? I�m eat�n em!� A funny line during the pilot movie, Billy�s bike supports one end of the tent which Jim and Temple shared in the rain one lonely night on the long lonesome highway.

A Harley-Davidson 350cc Sprint was modified to look like a Sportster in order for Bud Ekins to perform many of the stunts during the Movie and the TV episodes. In Episode two, the Sprint is jumping a creek when Jim is being chased by Alex.

Greg�s bike was recently on display at the American Motorcycle Association's Moto Stars Exhibit 2008 which lasted the entire year. The bike sports a 21 inch 40 spoke Akront front wheel, a modification by Bud Ekins to pick the front end up.

The largest display of TCB memorabilia was presented, all members of Bronson�s Garage contributed.

Don�s bike was used here in the imortal opening scene of "Takin' a trip?" This says it all!

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