1 December 2010

Volume 6-10

Tom left on Friday for Birmingham, Alabama for the Barber Museum Vintage Festival. Signing up at the Motorcycle Classics tent he was told to put his bike in the American class and set up his display. There was only one other bike in that class, so the first place trophy wasn't something to brag to hard about, but the bike got some exposure and the topic of TCB was spread throughout the local country side.
Bill W. While on a quest for more TCB adventures, he came across a 1/8 mile, 50 year old, Mom & Pop outlaw drag strip called The I-57. The last time he drag raced was on his 125cc Harley Rapido in 1971 at the St. Louis International Raceway (probably because Bronson would have tried it). This bike is now the fastest documented Bronson Bike and holds the track record for the fastest Bronson Bike at the I-57 Dragstrip.

Anyone wanna race?.
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