11-12 July 2009

Volume 5-9

Dateline: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bronson's Garage was officially invited by the Harley Davidson Museum to display their bikes as part of the One Year Birthday Celebration for the museums opening last summer in 2008. The bikes were displayed in the Rumble Room and hundreds of TCB fans filed past the six 1969/70 Sportster 833 replicas and two Sprint stunt bike replicas during the two day exhibit. After 40 years Harley Davidson has honored the memory of Jim Bronson and his bike. Imagine this: rolling your own personal bike up the elevator and past the many decades of H-D bikes along the walkways to the Rumble Room, and then show it off for two full days under the H-D seal of approval. This was truly a milestone in the recognition for the roll Bronson played in keeping the H-D image and bike alive through the troubled times during the decade of the 70's.

Nostalgic visitors and also the younger generation were in awe of the 1969 and 1970 Sportster replicas. The largest collection of Bronson memorabilia was also on display.

Mike, Billy, Bill, Tom, Greg and David line up for review under the H-D museum sign next to the museum's entrance.

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