12 June 2009

Volume 4-9

Dateline: Burtonsville, Maryland

David joins Billy, Vicki and Mike at Billy's Bronson Garage on 13 May 2009. They spent the day talking about the color of Jim's bike and went for a ride in the beautiful rolling hills of central Maryland. During the ride David, by chance met a guy who had a 1970 Harley Sprint, so we all went to look at it. David purchased the Sprint to restore as and original. He plans to display it next to Billy's Harley Sprint Bronson replica which was used as a stunt bike in many of the TV episodes.

Greg brings his Bronson bike, which was recently released from the AMA museum after a year long display adventure, to Billy's Bronson Works for some adjustments to the front fender, which will make it a more accurate replica. The three Sportsters are Billy's bike, Greg's bike and Mike's bike, Billy�s 1970 Harley Sprint replica can be seen in the back behind its three big brothers.

Billy, Greg and Greg's friend Dave with three Bronson bike replicas, these bikes will be on display at the Harley Davidson Museum Birthday celebration (one year old). The museum has officially invited the Bronson Garage bike owners to display their bikes inside the museum for the weekend of 11-12 July in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The following week they will appear in Morgantown, West Virginia on 23-26 July 2009 for the Mountain Fest Vintage Bike Show.

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