28-31 July 2011

Volume 4-11

Dateline: Morgantown, West Virginia Pictures and Story by Rich

I set my alarm for the same time as I get up for work. I wanted to get an early start for the trek and to be there for our fellow Bronsonite, Bill. I would start the journey about 6 AM. A heavy fog had moved in over night so I knew I would have to keep alert for traffic and the always dangerous and ever present white tail. I fired my bike to life and heard a reassuring roar telling me she was ready for our journey to begin.

My first stop was the usual Sheetz gas stop and rob for morning coffee of mint mocha, and a breakfast sandwich of dubious nutritional value. The day was dawning and being a Friday, people were stopping for gas and coffee before their daily grind. I had to smile to myself as I knew my fellow workers were also getting ready. But today... today I had turned in my vacation slip for the day and the day was all mine!

After several pit stops to rid myself of the coffee, I made it to Morgantown just before 10 AM. The fog had lifted just about the time I had finished my coffee and sandwich so the trip down was pleasant and I enjoyed the solitude of the ride and the deep rumble of the monotone music coming from my exhaust.

I found Bill just outside the expo building doors cursing at his laptop. We went inside and Bill showed me his display he had set-up. I was proud of our boy and his artistic work with the display.

Shortly after my arrival we sat in front of the "drive-in" and watched "On Any Sunday" for a short time and Bill then showed me around the place. I looked and looked but alas, the first true love of my boyhood was nowhere to be found. In a way I was relieved as just one look at a restored SL-70 would probably bring a flood of happy memories back from the days Wizard and I would ride well into the warm summer nights. No one there would want to see a grown man cry.

David and Peggy showed up a short time later and we all enjoyed our company over lunch from the plethora of food venders set up at the rally. After which we all walked around the many outside vendors displaying wares of various need and wants.

Unfortunately our time together was much too short and our goodbyes were said before we saw Bill in action, or perhaps NON-action would be more appropriate. We also never got to stay for Greg and Billy to arrive and for that I am truly sorry. For with the addition of both we would have had a sort of mini reunion.

The way back home was nowhere near as pleasant as my ride down. Because of no less than four traffic jams, one over 10 miles long!, what was a little over a 3 1/2 hour trip down turned into a five hour plus ride home and my temper was as hot as my motor. Traffic would move just fast enough that you either had to slip the clutch or endure the putt-putt-chug, putt-putt-chug of slow idle speed with the brake on.

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