21-23 March 2009

Volume 2-9

The 40th anniversary of the pilot movie was celebrated at the Bixby Creek Bridge on California's coast highway 1 over the weekend of March 21st. Over 100 Bronsonites as far away as Maryland, Texas, Minnesota and Washington State, attended and three Bronson Bikes were there to set the theme for the day. The gas station featured in The Ninety-Nine Mile Circle was visited as well as the beach where Jim takes a swim and first sees Temple.

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Billy on the left and ScofLaw (Don) on the right cruise through the South Bixby Cut to the bridge and return. The Three Amigos at the bridge. Mike's, Billy's and Don's bikes were at the 40th Bixby event for three days.

In The Ninety-Nine Mile Circle, Episode 24, Jim pulls into the gas station numerous times and be friends Mr. Isadora Katz a traveler on the coast road in a VW Bus - "Good bye Bronson". In the Pilot movie, Jim takes a swim on this beach and sees Temple Brooks for the first time shedding her wedding gown and ring. Billy re-enacts that moment from 40 years ago.

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