June: 2014

Volume 2-14

Dateline: Saint Jacob, Illinois / 1 June 2014

Bill reported that last year when he was in Amarillo Texas The Motorheads came to town to sign up for their big poker run. This summer the Motorheads of Illinois came to Saint Jacob and this time Bill was ready for them...

About 1200 bikes came to town between 11 am and 1 pm. Bill posted "Motorcycle Parking" sign on the big lot at his coin store; Marine Coin, and opened up for lookers, even put a welcome sign on our marquee out front.

The guy from "The Biker Life" magazine freaked out when he saw my Bronson Bike on display, he took pictures and will put it in the next issue. He met us in Anamosa, Iowa and made the trip ONLY to see the Bronson exhibit. Geez...it was ONLY a MOVIE!

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