24 February 2012

Volume 1-12

Dateline: Ridgeway, Pennsylvania

Rich, a charter member of Bronsons Garage, attended the annual wood carvers rendezvous in Ridgeway which presents carvings of eagles, bears, cougar as well as all the usual yard ornaments. It is a big event with carvers coming from all over the U.S. and even Europe.

At the show Rich found a six foot All Seeing Eye. Rich asked the wood carver, playing dumb (an easy task for him) -What the eye sculpture mean?- He said "It's on the back of a dollar bill and I like carving odd things."

Rich could no longer contain himself and showed him the All Seeing Eye tattoo on his shoulder. The carver thought it was really cool. Rich proceed to educate the carver on the real meaning as related to the TV show from 1970 called "Then Came Bronson" to this 30 year old wood carver, not much realization was gained.

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