Building a Bronson Bike - The Handle Bars

The handle bars are not the Buckhorn style you see here (left). You need a two piece item with and internal throttle cable and electrical wiring called Speedsters. You have a left and a right handle bar. This gives you a straighter alignment from left to right and perpendicular to the centerline of the bike. The pictures below are of Tom's Bike you can see the difference.

Harley-Davidson catalog page with part numbers

Now that you have a set of Speedsters your old carburetor set up may be a problem, meaning, you may have had a braided cable pulling the butterfly instead of a hard-wire. The Speedster throttle is a hard-wire and you will need a butterfly set-up on your Carb to accommodate it.

You will then need a throttle cable retaining bracket to hold the cable stationary as the hard-wire moves back-and-forth as you work the throttle. Note the bracket and the part number, of course this is obsolete, but can be found with research or homemade. Throttle cable retaining bracket No.25