Building a Bronson Bike - The Front Fender & Fork Boots

Founded by World War Two pilot Ted Wassell of Birmingham, England as a wholesaler of motorcycle parts and accessories. He built a motocross machine powered by a 125cc Puch engine in 1970 and a trials bike with a 175cc BSA Bantam engine and made and off-road bike with a 125cc Sachs engine in 1972. After making more than 2,000 machines, high manufacturing costs and a falling American dollar made his bikes too expensive for the U.S. market, so he closed production in 1975.

It is generally believed that Bud Ekins who did the stunt work for TCB owned a Triumph dealership and changed out the stock Sportster front fender to give it a chrome look as well as a sleek one with the Wassell Triumph front fender. The fender struts are custom made to attach it to the Sportster's front fork. Attachment tabs will need to be added to the forks for the lower strut.

You do not have to drop the forks to put these boots on. Take scissors and cut along the seam, long ways. Then wrap boot around the fork, with Super Glue gentle glue back together each ripple at a time. Go slow..... each ripple at a time. It will last, mine has for over five years!