Wilson Wyoming and The Old Motorcycle Fiasco, Episode #2

On that same cold day in October 2008, Mike went to Wilson which is on State Rte 22 off Hwy 191, seven miles from downtown Jackson. The building is now called the Stagecoach Restaurant and Bar. There are no pictures of Jim Bronson inside and the employees were clueless as to any historical background.

There was a picture of Bob Dylan hanging on the wall circa 1985, he was playing guitar at the bar. Note the white framed windows in the building on the three pictures on this page.

Filming location in Wilson, Wyoming. This is the opening scene in The Old Motorcycle Fiasco. The population on the sgin below is 35 and elevation is 6145,(the frame goes by so fast in the episode, it is hard to get a clear pix) Bronson coasted down the hill, turns into the parking lot on the right and a lady puts weed killer in his gas tank. Turning into the parking lot ....

... the building is now an Italian restaurant. You can see below is was a pool and beer kind of place. Plenty of parking for a TCB reunion. Just down the road is the closing scene where Keenan Wynn and Bronson are riding together and then split off at the Y and go their separate ways. Note Carey Loftin in the blue shirt. Pixs are from Tom's 2005 trip.