In due course I will attempt to list in chronological order the locations in which Jim Bronson traveled. These will be the real locations, and until I can possible figure out or find out unknown locations, I will use artistic license to meld what I think the places could have been, while keeping his traveled road realistic. There will be a link on the page for reader interaction, to help bring the trail into actual locations. I solicit my Bronson Brothers to help me in this endeavor to make it as accurate as possible. Anyone knowing of locations or corrections which need to be made, please email the webmaster at this link

Fact Fiction Then Came Bronson     Pilot Min.
Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco 1
China Basin south of downtown San Francisco, the inlet has houseboats and the culture is the artistic flair for life. 10
On the east end of Lombard street in San Francisco. 12
Past Cliff House restaurant. 13
California coast highway number one headed south. 13
Across the Bixby Creek Bridge headed south. 14
Hole in the Rock on the beach is located at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. 14
Gas station on Hwy One where he again meets Temple and is confronted by the Sheriff is located by the Big Sur River Inn.

Trivia: In 1969 gas company name is on the pump?
? The turn off is more that likely the Nacimiento Road. This intersection may not be the real location, but that would be how you could turn east and cut over to Hwy 101. 26
Traveling the California Delta Hwy State Route 4 along the Victoria Canal this road leads to Holt, California and the train station scene. The train station is no longer in Holt, it was torn down years ago, but the train tracks remain and are active, when you look west down the tracks and see where the raod crosses you can still see Jim stopping, as he turns around to comeback and get Temple. 35
Holt, California just west of Stockton, California on State Route 4. There is a railroad line about one mile to the north of Holt. At the station in the pilot the name Holt is clearly seen on the train station. 45
From Holt they head south on Highway 99 to Bakersfield and then East on the Mojave-Barstow Hwy which is State Route 58. At Four Corners where 58 junctions with Hwy 395 they angle Northeast across the dry lake beds of the Mojave high desert country to Papa Bear’s ranch. 50
Upon leaving the ranch, Jim and Bonnie head south on Hwy 395, then West on State Route 18 to Pearblossom, California and the northern foot of the San Gabriel Mountains for the Hill Climb. 1:02
? After the Hill Climb, they cruise into Palmdale at the junction of Hwy 14 and State Route 138. There Jim buys Bonnie a dress with some of the money he had just won. Anyone know the real city? Don suggest this is Camirillo, CA. 1:09
Heading West from Palmdale on the Elizabeth Lake Road Route N2 through the Leona Valley they sing Wayfarin’ Stranger and camp. 1:14
After camping that night, Jim knows that Bonnie must return north to pick up her life. They head west on N2, which is now the Pine Canyon Road, at Three Points head north on Three Points Road to intersect with Hwy 138 and turn West, merging with the Gorman Post Road, head North to Gorman which is the top of the Grapevine (Elev. 4100 ft) at Tejon Pass, cross under Interstate 5, and continue North on the Peace Valley Road. At Frazier Mountain Park Road continue along I-5 on the Lebec Road going North, at Lebec cross under I-5 and head East on the Old Bear Trap Road along Lake Castac and take the third left North (4 miles). On this road stay to the right and go north about (10 miles) to the Edmonston Pumping Plant Road, turn East and cross the California Aqueduct.. After crossing take the first left North and then left West and follow the road to Laval Road. Continue West to Wheeler Ridge Road and go North, a East 1st Street turn West and merge with Hwy 99 North and back to Stockton and the San Joaquin River Delta. N/A
To arrive at King’s Island Resort continue on Hwy 99 to Exit 260, Blacklands, California, turn and ride the East Eight Mile Road going West. You will cross under I-5, keep going and you will cross the bridge over the BP Cut, now you will be on Kings Island, the resort is 11530 West Eight Mile Road, Stockton, California 95209. (Note: There are two bridges to access Kings Island, the bridge at the resort is (1) bridge over the Honker Cut. Jim and Bonnie arrived they crossed over where there were (2) bridges and a railroad bridge. I plan to visit the island in Mid October, updates and pixs to follow). 1:19
It is very clear when they leave King’s Island there are crossing over the Honker Cut (maybe). However, maps show they would need to have turned right, going North, but they turn left. Heading west over the Honker cut gets you nowhere, all roads dead end. More to come on this after Mid October. 1:27
? The hospital, this had to be in the greater Stockton areas, and ideas? 1:35
? The parting film shot of Jim riding along side a river could be anywhere in this delta area of Stockton, California, any ideas? 1:37

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