Jim, I noticed on your website that you have some current photos of TCB locations. I have provided some pictures I took in Olathe, Colorado the location for episode 7, "The 3:13 Arrives at Noon".

The first pictures are on the road into Olathe, Colorado, the church and house at the curve of the road. As he rounds the corner they are very noticeable in the opening sequence of the show. Watch the video. You can see the house at the curve in the road, the house is different now, but retains the basic features of the architecture. The two big trees have since been cut down.

Look closely at the buildings on the left side of the street. The outlines are the same now as they were then.

Here you can see that the Sheriff’s office was just across the street from the landmark buildings opposite.

You can see the building across the street from the bus arriving at the railroad tracks is still there.

More of the end of town railroad track area. Olathe, Colorado is the proposed site for the 42nd Anniversary celebration for the filming of Then Came Bronson. The Bronsonites belonging to Jim's Garage will be there for their 2nd Annual Reunion gathering with their Sportster replica bikes, it will be fun! They have contact with many of the locals who were there, and remember the filming; many of these folks were in the episode as the real town’s people. Join us!

All photos courtesy of Billy G. and Harry.