The Stompers Motorcycle Club Jacket - Circa 1969 from the Pilot movie

     The Stompers jacket only appeared in the TCB pilot movie when Temple and Jim are camping after the brickyard. Temple is looking into the dark night and feeling the chill starting to set-in. Jim gives her the Stompers jacket to keep warm. The lower half of the rocker reads - San Francisco, given away by the "co" which is readable. Screen shots are unclear due to film quality and the darkness of the film set, filmed on location and at night.

     If you watch the pilot and the scene when Jim is picking up his bike from Boots, the mechanic, you can see "Stompers" written on the garage. Since Jim would never be the type to be a member of a club, of any kind, you must think the jacket is in his possession as a memory of his best friend Nick.

     Don's idea of the jacket being Nick's makes the most sense in light of the character Michael Parks ultimately made of Jim Bronson but at the early stages of the movie when this scene was shot, it might have been understood that the jacket was Bronson's. After all, Birney was an Angel and Denne Bart Petitclerc modeled the main character on him and his life. I think that also explains Bronson asking Temple if she ever slept with a man before. I do not think, at that point, Parks had taken over the character of Bronson like he soon did. Our Bronson, the Bronson we all love and admire simply would not have put Temple on the spot like that. I guess I think in the beginning of the movie, the character is more like what Denne Bart Petitclerc envisioned. Soon after that, Parks took over.


     et al ... I agree -- mainly because I rarely wore the colors (a Hells Angel jacket, as I have mentioned before) and I do not recall anything in the script (which I read many years ago) that had Bronson wearing the colors. Plus, even in those Days of Yore the "Stompers" (outlaw gangs) were ill thought of and certainly would not open doors on the journey across country. Angels then were a budding group of WWII vets in Fontana, Calif., although the Galloping Gooses and the Boozefighters were rapidly gaining "fame" thanks to the "riot" in Hollister, CA. in July of 1947. Believe me, "things" were different then. Peter, yes, Parks did actually insert his character into Bronson (which is what producers wanted), but not so much in the pilot. But even today and definitely then and probably thinking as a Stomper (Angel), I would not ask a girl if she was a virgin. Denne might have, however as he was kind of outspoken.

Hanging there, Birney