Bill's Bronson Bike Sturgis 2009

Bill's Sturgis photo gallery here.

In 2009, an exhibit building was built for World Class Photographer Michael Lichter to be used exclusively for his “Motorcycles as Art” display during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally at the famous Buffalo Chip in North Dakota.

His first exhibit theme was “Rebel Rousers - Icon Motorcycles that Inspired Us to Ride” (here).
Michael Lichter wanted a Bronson Bike since so many of us were inspired to begin riding motorcycles as kids by watching Then Came Bronson. Bill Weder and his Bronson Bike were the closest of the group (1005 miles) and volunteered to lend his bike for the exhibit. Bill arrived a few days early and assisted with setting up the exhibit, unloading all the famous bikes and putting them on pedestals, hanging the original movie posters, setting up the lighting and moving motorcycles in and out of the Michael’s photo booth. Just as Bronson would have done in an episode, Bill listened to everyone tell their story, was always around to lend a hand and became part of the Sturgis community during the week-long event. Bill bought this motorcycle new in 1975 because of the TV show and it was an honor to have it displayed with so many other famous motorcycles. See all the Icons