One day I got the urge to build another bike. I like collecting Bronson Memorabilia, and I have a replica 1970 Sportster. I thought to myself �what about the stunt bikes that were use to film Then Came Bronson?� So I bought an SX-350 Harley-Davidson Sprint. I know I should have started with a SS-350 but this one was available. Here is what it looked like when I bought it. I stripped it down and found a Sportster rear fender. I bobbed it and filled the holes and drilled new ones to mount it. Here is the first test fit of the rear fender.

Next, my Buddy Mark gave me a peanut tank that had a few dents in it. Which was OK since I had to cut out the tunnel to make it wide enough to fit over the larger back bone of the Sprint. While the tunnel was out, I could get inside and knock out the dents. Here is the bike with the tank and a cobra seat.

Then it was time to make a Sissy Bar. I did it the old fashioned way, by hand with simple jigs and a drawing to match it up to. These are pictures of the bar being made.

The sissy bar after being welded onto the fender struts. Then I made a fake oil tank to look like a Sportster oil tank. With the oil tank in place, I made the down tubes by hand. Sprints do not have down tubes from the factory. You can also see the Sportster exhaust pipes. The top one is non-functional and just bolts to the frame of the bike.

Then I made the tail light bracket to hold the Lucas tail light.

Here are pictures of the fake air cleaner being welded together. It actually hides the coil. The carburetor on a Sprint is on the other side. Here is the bike with the oil tank and exhaust pipes, bobbed fender Tail light and sissy bar. Shaping up nicely.

Here it is after painting the tank and fender. It still needs the front fender and headlight and it will get new handle bars. I finished the Sprint just in time to take it to California for the 40th anniversary of the Pilot movie at the Bixby Creek Bridge.

At the Bixby Bridge in March of 2009, here are pictures from that event. In these pictures you can see the front fender which is hand made on an English wheel. You can also see the SS gauges and the buckhorn handle bars which are from a 1980 KZ-250.