Robin is a master Harley mechanic

and currently Parts Manager at

Whitt's Harley-Davidson

in Manassas, Virginia

I was age 14 in the fall of 1969 when TCB aired and I was instantly hooked starting with the TV previews for the pilot movie.  I don't think I missed an episode that season and I knew my primary goal in life was to own a Harley Sportster as soon as possible and ride around the U.S. like Jim Bronson.  In the fall of 1972 I was finally able to purchase a new 1973 Sportster at age 17.  The following summer after graduating from high school, I made my first cross country run (alone) from Alexandria, VA to Yosemite Park, CA and back home.  I meet and rode with some interesting people along the way and when I was riding alone I had the tune 'going down that long lonesome highway' in my head.  That summer I was Jim Bronson.

I began working as a mechanic for Harley-Davidson of Washington D.C. in 1974 and have been a Harley mechanic for over forty years.  I currently ride a 2008 Electra Glide.  My wife rides a 2013 Street Glide.  Last spring I got hooked again on TCB while trying to find some photos on-line to show my wife of the original Bronson bike when I came across the website.  Once I found out there were others into TCB I decided I needed to locate a Sportster and build the bike that has been on my mind all these years.  In July I found a 1970 XLH in somewhat original condition that would work just fine to build my Bronson bike.

I began the restoration in October 14' taking it down to the frame and rebuilding the engine/trans.  1970 parts were changed out for what was original on the 1969 model as well as the custom changes that were made to the Bronson bike.  The project was completed in April 15' and on the first time out of the garage I took my wife for a ride around the neighborhood.  As we rode down the street she was shouting out "THEN CAME BRONSON"!