The pilot movie "Then Came Bronson"aired 24 March 1969

The Ride to Bixby Creek Bridge for the 50th Anniversary on 24 March ....... Sponsored by Sportster Diana

It was 47F degrees when leaving on my 1987 tribute bike, but the sky was blue and the sun was trying to warm things up. It was uneventful going down to the bridge and soon I was stopping for gas and a couple pictures. I stopped again for a couple pictures on the Palo Colorado road which is just south of Notley's Point Viewing area.

Arriving at the Bixby at 11:15 AM the parking lot was packed, making me weave my way into a decent spot to park. While waiting one teenage girl posed for a picture on my bike, and one young guy (20's) and looked the bike over and liked it. At 11:40 Slug and Company showed up. Along with his 2007 tribute bike. Pictures are taken and stories are told. We talk some about the Bronson crowd that was here for the 40th in 2009. This time no one but us even knows what the bikes are all about. All too soon they are on their way to lunch so I snap a couple pictures, then head out myself.

The Pfeiffer beach lot was full, but not if your on a bike so as soon as the cars in front of me were turned around I was making may way through over the dried slides and around the potholes toward the beach. Just before the getting to the booth the river was running across the road. It was a little deeper than my footpegs, but to make it worse I was following a car so I couldn't see through the water. I hit a big rock and was forced to put my right foot down soaking my leg half way up my calf.

The waves were putting on a great show blasting through the hole in the rock, though the place Bronson parked was now well into the water. The tied was in and the winter storms had been hard on all the beaches, so there is a lot less of this one than the last time I was here.

I turned south after leaving the beach to see if I could find Slug, but didn't have any luck. Overcast was blocking the sun, it was cooling off and my right foot was cold, so I headed back. I took pictures riding across the bridge.

At Fernwood I parked the bike as close to where I think the pumps used to be. (Pilot Movie 24 March 1969)

My only stop coming home was for gas again. The young guy working there thought my bike looked good, he liked how thin it was, but couldn't really understand it was not a chopper. He of course had no idea what the bike was all about, or that he was standing right where Bronson's bike had been in 99 Mile Circle (Ep. 24).

                       Good Bye Bronson! ....... See Ya next year!

In loving memory of   Birney Jarvis   and Jim Bronson 1940-2017

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