Peter's FXR Sportster was featured in Iron Works Jan/Feb 2011 magazine View and read here

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Peter is a seasoned author and has written a wonderful book about the open road and traveling that road on a motorcycle.   The book is titled   Waiting for Willie    printed by Gage Hill Press ISBN 0977623807.   If you would like a copy of his book, autographed by Peter, email him on the link below at the bottom of this page.

The color of the Bronson bike is a mixture of orange, red, and black, the same mixture that became known as Bronson Red.    The orange bike pictured is a 1969 Sportster that I recently finished. (2008)    It was my first love as a young motorcyclist.    On the right is what my Bronson bike looked like when I bought it.    Pretty cool, but not what I wanted!

Putting the motor in the frame is the first step in the process of rebuilding.    It will never be this clean again!

Peter's bike is a true show bike; more pictures here! and then on to his garage to see his three other beautiful vintage Harleys.

Peter is the bike's owner, for information on his bike or his book.....