We left Jim Bronson at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. There he was attempting to soak up as much of the natural beauty of the place as his memory banks would allow. The ocean rock formations were astounding! He was truly enjoying his new found freedom when, out of the corner of his eye, he caught the bright glow of a white gown. As he shifted his gaze he found that his suspicion was accurate, but it was not just the glow of any old gown, it was, in fact, a wedding gown! Little did he realize at the moment that this gown, or more specifically the person wearing the gown, was to become a major threat to the new freedom he was just beginning to appreciate.

          Bronson thought that he was the only person on the beach this particular day, so he was surprised to see this other person crossing the beach a couple hundred yards away from him. It was just so strange! Here was a young woman, all alone, and she was wrapped in a wedding gown, veil on her head and bouquet of flowers in her hands. �What the...?� She walked up to the edge of the water as the surf broke at her feet and she paused a moment. Wow! She tossed the bouquet into the water followed by the veil! Suddenly, his quiet day was becoming action packed. His heart began to race as he watch her unzip her gown, drop it down off her partially nude body and step out of it, leaving it there in the surf! Finally, she grabs at her ring finger pulling at a ring and then chucking it, she catches Jim�s gaze for a few seconds and then takes off running for the parking lot!

          Even from the distance Bronson could see that she was obviously troubled and he wanted to see if there was something he could do for her, but she was gone like a shot. The only thing he could think to do was to run to the spot where she had been. He was lucky to find the ring partially sunk it the sand, but considering the size of the stone maybe it was not just dumb luck after all. The stone was no less than three carats. What a �whopper!� He pocketed the diamond ring, but had no place for the rest of the woman�s articles on his 883 pony. By the time he got fully dressed and coaxed his Harley through the sand, he was sure the young bride-not-to-be would be long gone. Little did he know that once back on the road, his hands would be full as he would spend the next couple of weeks trying to help this strange woman find her way as she searched for a true meaning in her troubled life. Through a couple of incidents on the road, Jim Bronson would meet this woman and begin a short journey with her as he invited her to plant herself behind him on his motorcycle at a gas station just several miles down the road from Big Sur. After nearly running him off a cliff and then getting caught by the police in a car she wasn�t authorized to have, she begged Jim for a ride and, for some crazy reason, he gave in to her desperate plea. She was not even grateful to him for her escape. She did not want to travel the roads he was choosing. She did not want to talk to him and she would not even tell him her name. Still, he was sympathetic to her plight as he continued to care for her.

          We find out at the very end of the movie that this pretty young woman�s name was Temple Brooks. It was clear that Temple was running away from her own wedding. Was she running away from the guy? Was this an arranged marriage? Was she fleeing the commitment of spending the rest of her life with this one man? By the time they got to Jim�s good friend�s home in the Southern California desert, Jim was becoming concerned with just how long she was planning to tag along with him. Later in the evening, after they had bathed and eaten some supper, Papa Bear asks Jim if he is in love with this woman? It was becoming obvious that he was developing feelings for her. He could not say no to Papa Bear�s inquiry. So, after a short pause Jim exclaimed, �I don�t know?� Surely it was too soon in their relationship for love. Later, when Jim goes for a walk as the sun sets over the cooling orange desert, he does not know what to make of this unexpected turn of events.

          Alone with Papa Bear, Temple gets the same blunt question tossed at her? �Do you love Jim?� I�m sure she was caught off guard by the question and probably surprised herself with her answer, �I don�t know?� These feelings are perfectly natural. God made us this way. After God created man and gave him fruitful work to do, He said, �It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him...� (Genesis 2:18). The Scripture then continues,

�So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh at that place. And the Lord God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man. And the man said, This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh...� (Genesis 2:22-23).

          Finally, the Scripture says, �For this cause a man shall leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.�

          God had made it easy for Adam, but it wasn�t that easy for Jim Bronson, especially at this point in his life. Papa Bear probably had the answer for Jim when he told Temple, �I don�t know where Jim is going, but a home, wife, children... they would be death to him.� Jim had started a journey seeking his Savior and looking for some answers to his confused life. A woman was a complication he just did not need right now. Temple, on the other hand, did not seem to know what she wanted, but a man, especially the right one, was certainly a desire of hers. Of course, she never, ever thought she would end up heading for New Orleans on the back of a motorcycle smooched up against a �motorcycle tramp.� To her amazement, she was really enjoying herself and she really came to appreciate him. She just had to learn more about this mysterious motorman.

          After leaving Papa Bear�s and winning a near impossible motorcycle event called a �hill climb,� Temple Brooks was really smitten by this motorcycle jockey. As it turned out, he was a man of many talents. Their next campsite was the perfect place to grill him in regard to his past. First she asks him what his birth month is and she likes his answer. Next, �Where were you born?� His reply, �East Oakland... What are you up to?� �Just wondering.� Now, Jim is aware that she is far more �upper-crust� than a guy from East Oakland. He needs to know if she wants him bad enough to step down to his level, so he asks her, �Have you ever been to East Oakland?� She says, �No.� �It�s just a place... a lot of ugly little boxes.� She asks him, �Ever been to Hillsborough?� He has� �Yeah.� She does her best to find common ground him with, �A lot of big ugly boxes.� It doesn�t work. He knows that they were brought up in vastly different worlds and that she would not stick with his vagabond lifestyle for long. He says, �There�s a lot of distance between them... a lot of distance.� Trying to fully grasp his meaning she says, �There�s a lot of distance between us...� (Then a very somber), �Isn�t there?� Jim knows it and replies, �Yeah... I guess.�

          Bronson moves off the top of the hill and down to the campsite. Temple soon follows and sits down close to him. Looking him square in the eye she asks him, �How do I get to where you are?� He surely would have saved himself some additional trouble had he shut her down right there, but due to his own uncertainties he says, �Are you sure that�s where you want to be?� With tears welling up in her eyes she replies, �I want you.� They end up making love under Jim�s shelter-half.

          As time moves on and the couple faces exciting new adventures she presses Jim at every opportunity about their future together, but he does not see it happening. Finally, after they survive a motorcycle accident, she realizes she can not continue living this way, but she knows he is not about to give it up and I am quite certain that she has not forgotten Papa Bear's words of caution. At his hospital bedside Temple finally confesses to Jim, �I wish I could go home and start all over. But I�ll lose you!� Knowing that she has finally come to the end of her search, Jim wisely responds to her, �But you don�t lose something you never had.�

          In the next scene, as he mounts his shiny, newly repaired Sportster, Bronson asks Temple Brooks if she needs a lift. With a teary-eyed smile she replies, �No thank you. I�ve gone as far as I need to go.� Although she interrupted his journey in a MAJOR way, it turned out to be a worthwhile turn of events for both of them. As Jim Bronson so often will, as he travels from place to place, he made a big difference in a needy person�s life. Ultimately, they both made the right decision. It was quite clear, it was not God�s plan that they should make a life together. Jim Bronson moved on.

Until next time all you devoted Bronsonites!

Blessings and Hang in There,

Pastor Kim

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