Jim Bronson�s best friend is dead, as a reporter he nearly always saw people at their worst, and his boss was an impossible guy to work for. Jim wants out of the rat race of the city. He longs for a slower pace to his life and he desperately needs some solitude so he can think. He�s riding the coastal highway south from San Francisco and he�s cherishing the salty aroma of the sea as the pleasant breeze envelopes his face.

          To an avid motorcyclist, the sound of the wind playing in unison with the steady thumping of that big V-twin motor set between your legs is better than any symphony orchestra. There are few experiences in life that give a person a greater sense of freedom than riding the open road on those two-wheeled vehicles. For a while Jim even rides without his customary Navy watch cap adorning his head. The cool breeze is whipping through his wildly flowing hair.

          Bronson pulls off the road for a short time in order to jump a few dunes on a familiar beach and then it�s back to the pavement. Riding in the sand is no big challenge for this experienced rider, although he may regret these �beach runs� when it comes time to clean his custom-chromed cycle. Finally, it�s time for a break, but first there are a few more dunes to jump. This time, Jim exits the road at Pfeiffer Big Spur State Park.

          He plows through the pillow-soft sand and heads for the water. The thin 21 inch hoop on the front of his 883 pony shoots a wall of water to either side of the machine. Then he stops. There, just over his right shoulder is a humongous shape. It�s a huge rock that jets up out of the sea some 60-80 feet high (as best as he can tell). It� the famous �Hole in the Rock.� Bronson peers at the shape for about 30 seconds before he throttles his Sportster down the beach once again. After he does a few impressive �donut� moves in the compliant sand, flinging it skyward, he turns the streaking red machine toward another good sized sand dune. He�s riding like he�s insane, but at this point, he does not care. This time his front wheel grabs the soft sand of the dune far more than anticipated, jerking the left hand grip out of his hand.

          The fork of the bike slams hard right and this expert biker does a terrific impersonation of a torpedo skimming across the beach. He gets to his knees spitting and shaking sand out of his hair. Reaching for the kill-switch of his revving cycle, he shuts her down as he sits in the sand. Unexpectedly, he pulls off one motorcycle boot, then a sock, and the other boot and it�s sock. Next he�s tugging at the zipper of his leather jacket. He�s up and he drops the jacket in the sand.

          He starts to move toward the water leaving his fallen bike implanted in its �shallow-grave.� As the wool sweater comes off inside-out with the undershirt attached to it, the biker starts to run, slowly at first (leaving a trail of clothing behind him), but then faster and faster until the viewer is astonished at this actor�s speed. Wow! As his feet hit the water he begins to flail his arms round and round. He resembles the cranking prop of a small airplane. Then, he leaps head first into a nice sized wave and we hear that familiar, �VAOOOOM� and �POP!� sound you get when a human body bangs harshly against an accelerating wall of water.

          Now, don�t we all just LOVE Jim Bronson�s next move? Gathering his feet back under him he shoots up out of the water, bends slightly at the waist driving his forearms and cupped hands through the water in an almost violent motion, he tosses a spray high into the air? We cannot help but ask ourselves, �Man, what was that all about?!� But it does not take long to figure it out. If you do not know, the answer goes something like this... Jim Bronson is declaring to the world, �There! Take that! I�ve done it! I�m FREE! I�ve TORN myself away from all the MADNESS of that place I�ve just left behind!�

          Now, we find ourselves in the next scene. Jim seems almost serene. Having retrieved his clothing and waiting for his shirt and sweater to dry, He gently strolls in the wet soil at the edge of the water. He smokes a cigarette on this totally deserted and quiet beach. Even the wind and the waves seem to have quieted themselves. The scene is tranquil and the camera-shot is absolutely gorgeous! At this point, the viewer is led to believe that Bronson�s thoughts have drifted far away from San Francisco and the troubles he has left behind. He is now taking in the glory of the place itself. The majestic rock formations tower far above him making him feel puny. These are God�s skyscrapers!

          The forceful breeze and the unmatched power of the ocean tides can only be held back by His hand! �Where did these HUGE rocks come from? How is it that these marvelous rock sculptures abruptly shoot up from the ocean floor and reach high into the sky? What immense force lies behind the massive tunnel that is carved through this �solid� rock? Was it simply just a soft spot in the sediment? Why did not the power of the sea cut the entire formation down?� Jim is an educated man. And, as a newspaper journalist, he is certainly well-read. In later episodes of the television program we often hear him quoting poets, prophets and other great writers and thinkers.

          Jim is certainly well enough educated to know that most scientists of the past have believed in a God or Creator. Those brilliant men and women knew that the forming of this present world as we know it, came through events of cataclysmic proportions and not through uniform and mundane events of day to day life, as was proposed by many of the 20th Centuries less thoughtful �science theorists.� A trickle of water moving over eons of time cannot justly explain the awe inspiring �gouge� in the earth�s crust that came to be known as The Grand Canyon.

          The eruption of Washington�s Mt. Saint Helens in 1980, proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that enormous canyon systems can be carved out of solid rock by flowing molten lava, steam and mud in just hours, and Mt. Saint Helens is only a moderate sized volcano! It does not take millions and millions of years as were previously purposed. Volcanic activity, earthquakes, massive floods with their erosive and receding waters, and tsunamis; these are most certainly the kind�s of events that shaped our world. Hurricanes have swallowed up entire, once-inhabited, islands in the Gulf of Mexico. We�ve had to wipe them from our maps. The powerful forces of nature have sent them back into the sea.

          Since the early 1950's the Electron Microscope has revealed wonders that no previous scientists could have ever begun to imagine. The unimaginable order, complexity and information systems found in DNA are indisputable evidence (for all honest researchers) of a Designer or a Creator. Biologists know that amino acids are a chemical alphabet who�s information sets boundaries on species. This information prohibits any one species from gradually (or suddenly) turning into another species. Even the vaunted �mutation� has been a dismal failure to the once hopeful theorists. The Scripture says this:

          For since the creation of the world God�s invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that those who suppress this truth are without excuse. For even though they knew God (from what science has revealed about Him), they did not honor Him as God, or give thanks; but they became futile in their (naturalist) speculations. (Romans 1:18-21)

          I do not know how much of this Jim Bronson knew or did not know, but he clearly understood some of it. The proof of this can be found by the symbol on the gas tank of his bike as well as by the song he has sung in his heart as he left San Francisco.

Until next time all you devoted Bronsonites!

Blessings and Hang in There,

Pastor Kim

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