My name is Bobby Guthrie I was lucky enough to have been a cameraman on-location during the one year 26 episode shooting adventure which was Then Came Bronson.

Below are some of my scrapbook photos I took and will share with you.

TCB directors would typically use the crew to stand in as extras. Note in the video clip of Episode 18, Bobby is the art student with the full red beard. Of course the question is: "Was she really in the nude?"

Many thanks to Bobby and his charming wife, actress Linda Manz for attending the 45th anniversary of TCB on Phoenix in April 2014. Hang in There!

With regret, Linda Manz (Bobby's wife for many years) passed away August 14, 2020, at 58. They were married in 1985. Bobby and her came to the Bronson reunion in 2014 in Phoenix, both of them were great fun and Linda had the most wonderful laugh I have ever heard. Rest in Peace my dear girl. Bobby! You Hang in There!

Found this interview with her from 1978. It is on Facebook, but you do not need and account to watch. here