The Bixby Creek Bridge


Then Came Bronson


The bridge is famous as part of the opening credits for TCB. Located 10 miles south of Carmel Highlands on California Coast Highway 1.  Note the Three Amigos on the left with Jim Bronson by the bridge.  Larger pix.  The event on March 21st, 2009 was a success to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Pilot movie (March 24th) here.  We enjoyed the bridge, and spent the weekend enjoying the beauty of the canyon, the bridge and ocean.  We plan to do it again this September to honor the 1st Episode, join me, details will be forthcoming later this summer.

Built in 1932, the California Coast Highway 1 is also the Cabrillo Highway, the north end of the bridge is at this turn off for the Old Coast Road.

Certainly this vista is God's country, there is no bluer ocean than the California Big Sur coast line.

When I took these pictures in late August 2008, I ran into Temple Brooks who is pictured on the left.

The four pixs above are looking north from the south end of the bridge.